It was over twenty years ago when Rick Fines met Suzie Vinnick. Ottawa’s Chopper McKinnon, host of CKCU radio’s Canadian Spaces, thought that the two should meet and pointed Rick to a club where Suzie was playing.

“I was so impressed with her bass playing,” says Fines, “then she stepped up to the mike to sing! As soon as the set was over I was there asking ‘How do I get to play music with you?!’”

At the time Fines was a member of the much-lauded Jackson Delta acoustic blues band and Vinnick was the talk of the town in Ottawa, having recently moved from her native Saskatoon. They started playing a few gigs together and talking about making a recording – each one played on the other’s solo release and they continued to perform together while building their solo careers.

Now, years later, with over 15 recordings between them, multiple awards and much critical acclaim, they have released “Nothing Halfway”, a collection of mostly self-penned songs that reflects what fans have loved about Suzie and Rick all along. From the soul sounds of “We Got a Love Like That” and “The Lucky One”, the sultry “How’d You Know I Missed You”, the guitar-drenched “Callin’ Out Your Name” and the rockin’ blues of “Love In A Bottle”, this an album that has what fans have been asking for: Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick at their best!

Quotes from reviews on “Nothing Halfway”

“Two of the warmest, most wonderful souls I know. Rick and Suzie are the quintessential Canadian musicians – magnificent songwriting, beautiful harmonies laid over memorable melodies, all delivered with a down-home approach.  Their songs invite you into the kitchen of their hearts, and there you’ll find both nourishment and pleasure. Honourary Maritimers, fer sure!” Brent Staeben, Artistic Director,
Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival

“Marked by spirit and effective song-writing, there is nothing halfway about Nothing Halfway.” Brad Wheeler, Globe & Mail

“A stunning collection of duets…a must-have disc!”  John Valenteyn, Mapleblues Magazine

“Instantly likeable and listenable. “ Jeff Bateman, Western Living Magazine

“What is undeniable is the chemistry between these two closely connected musical cohorts — evidenced by the energy that lifts off the page and warms your heart. This is Saturday afternoon music that makes you feel good.” Eric Thom, Exclaim Magazine

“This disc keeps finding its way back to my CD player as if it had a mind of its own. I can’t seem to get enough of it, and I seem to hear something new at every listening…this disc has the potential to take over your life. You’ve been warned.”Mike Sadava, Penguin Eggs

“There’s nothing halfway about this CD – it’s the full deal!” Pat Moore, Weekend Warm-Up, CKCU FM 93.1, Ottawa, ON